Vivek 29 Dec 2018
No changes in my app
R.SANGEETHA 11 Dec 2018
whhere do you find the save pages ??and how to do search ?
Nishanthi 22 Nov 2018
Unable to convert English to Tamil
Kulanthaivel M 10 Nov 2018
Unable to get English to Tamil conversion
Chokkappa 19 Oct 2018
Where do you find the saved pages? How to do search?
sundar 29 Sep 2018
Unable to get English to Tamil conversion. Kindly help.
raja kumar 17 Sep 2018
where can get saved pages of conversan stories i typed
C Venugopal 17 Sep 2018
Unable to get English to Tamil conversion. Kindly help.
joseph 09 Sep 2018
what is the procedure to paste the text typed in the online tamil to the ms word document
சுரேஷ் 10 Aug 2018
என் முதல் செக்ஸ்அனுபவத்தை எழுதுகிரேன்
Gopalan Sankaran 02 Aug 2018
Open the saved file
R VIDHYA 26 Jul 2018
this online conversion not work
Varadarajan 14 Jul 2018
Typed Varadarajan in English.How to get conversion in tamil
Roja 02 Jul 2018
How to create table format
BANK 26 Jun 2018
habib 24 Jun 2018
This online conversion not working in mobile, but in desk top computer is perfect. How to make work in Redmi mobile phone, kindly advise someone.
UTHAYA 21 Jun 2018
kumar 19 Jun 2018
i need any anty very urgent
VRS 13 Jun 2018
I Want Job. No More Other
chrislan 25 May 2018
how to upload a story
rose 23 May 2018
Pls downloads this app
SELVA 17 May 2018
Nimal 15 May 2018
Hello, Could you please let me know how to email I type the letter?
Phd Siva 29 Mar 2018
I lost some of the conversions I saved in Draft. Is that retrievable? Especially the last few I didn't save anywhere else. Thank you in advance!
selva 11 Mar 2018
its vry dificult app.many more time not support typing develope the app