kumariselvan 21 Nov 2017
contact details required
kumariselvan 21 Nov 2017
How to contact Tamil Changathi proprietor
hannah 21 Nov 2017
how many documents can be saved in drafts?
suresh 14 Nov 2017
Good Night Wishes For tamil
Nilam 14 Nov 2017
I am unable to get in tamil after some Times.Please help me to get ,when I type in English convert to tamil.
Nilam 14 Nov 2017
I am unable to convert into tamil after typing in English.Please help me how to convert into tamil as I type in English
Satheesh Sathiaswaaran 05 Nov 2017
Superb way to beginners
Veerarajendran Ramaswamy 26 Oct 2017
I have been using this software for more than three yrs and have recommended to many. Can you add a guide section as to which keys to be used for Tamil letters like 'F' Ha' etc., [sanskrit letters]
Abraham Emmanuel 20 Oct 2017
I am unable to convert.
bavani 20 Oct 2017
after some time I am not able to convert
sathiaswaaran 17 Oct 2017
superb way to write in tamil
sri bhai antany 12 Oct 2017
super work in the comprter
NAVEEN 05 Oct 2017
sri 23 Sep 2017
not from english to thanglish , from english to pure tamil
vinith 23 Sep 2017
is not working
shruti 23 Sep 2017
not working
Rishad 13 Sep 2017
Sir super nallaruku. Anal android keybord thanthiganda superrrrbbb
kumaresan 31 Aug 2017
nice one
rathi 28 Aug 2017
error in export
preethi 28 Aug 2017
not working export to image
Deepa 28 Aug 2017
error while export to image :(
ramya 25 Aug 2017
can't export to images
ravi 23 Aug 2017
i cant export to document
prabu 22 Aug 2017
how to paste in wordpad
agrudhari 19 Aug 2017
i need this same software in my desktop how to download